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- John Christian
Not your ordinary cover to cover read...but rather a gift of Love from a friend, to a friend, just down the street and around the corner. This comfort book was a daily compilation “until you are healed” to help his friend battle cancer. It offers love and heart-felt friendship, humor and wisdom, unbridled encouragement and meaningful reflection. This book gives solace and inspiration. It can help lighten the burden. In cooperation with Bill’s family and his long time friend, it is meant to be a daily help to others through the trials of illness and life. It is truly a gift from the heart...a comfort gift.

DAILY AT HIS GATE, Restoring Biblical Heritage with Jewish Hebraic Context, Concepts and Culture
- Brad Ben Hanoten Hengerer
Beautifully illustrated with photographs from around the world, this Jewish Christian prayer book provides the words needed to proclaim your love of the Holy One who awaits daily at His gate for our personal prayers (hitbodedut). When we call out to Hashem and open our hearts to our Father, He eagerly awaits our prayers, ready to generously respond to our needs. This book was spiritually written to bring comfort and solace, and to raise your voice to the Most High. Regardless of your religious convictions, this will be a blessing to you.

- Charlie the Yorkie
A tale of trials, tribulations and triumphs. Charlie the Yorkie is a rising star in the publishing world. His first two books, Four Paws on the Road to Success and Successfully Raising Humans, have soared to success in the animal world with the former receiving the coveted Lassie Seal of Excellence and the latter still on the Canine Top Ten List in the New York Times.

The Art of Being Ageless
- Alexandra
Alexandra is the mystery in each of us, whose essence lingers between reality and spirituality, life and immortality...lying latent until rediscovered ad infinitum.

Within these pages, Alexandra shares with you the joy, gifts and possibilities which innately belong to you. So few live their life of authenticity… but rather spend life in distraction.

If you have not yet explored and discovered your essence, you must hear the revelation of Alexandra. Some will die never having lived.

We are sensual beings. Be aware of all around you. The path to discovery has no beginning, no ending. It is a journey filled with joy. It is never to be experienced alone.

As you open yourself to new horizons, amazing people and opportunities will appear. Each will have a message for you, perhaps previously unknown or experienced. Your enlightenment will be the path of your creation of The Art of Being Ageless.

- Betsy Hollis-Frey
With a Foreword (and Backward) from Mr. Tim Conway, who can go wrong with this award winning book of short stories. To paraphrase Mr. Conway “Betsy has a most unique talent for telling a word story. Her characters drift off the page to meet you and from the first time … you know them. Buildings are described so distinctly, you go looking for them … you find yourself filling your imagination with little things you know you are going to repeat in future conversation.” When you read her stories, everything comes to life. You can see the action. You can hear the sounds, and you will find yourself laughing with the characters. Betsy Hollis-Frey is a writer whose book you will want to read! Your imagination deserves her!

SCRIPTURES FOR THE SOUL, A Spiritual Resource Guide
- C. J. Lofton
A small book with huge encouraging messages of how God works in mighty ways! No matter how big the issue or difficult the circumstances, this book was divinely inspired and is the result of God’s calling to share His message with believers.

- Larry Battle
A brand new release, this book is like no other. Turning Dreams into Reality is written to create a totally new experience between the author and the reader. Don’t just read this book . . . absorb it, experience it, interact with the meaningful words. Make this a study book from which you learn. For each time you do, it will bring about a different experience. This is a must read dream to reality tool that promotes your future success!

- Dr. Kordula Green
How you choose your life is up to you and God or Satan. Who do you chose? I chose God.

Thank you Lord God for accepting me into Your family. The Journey of Life is so rewarding when you’re trusting and believing God Almighty.

Be Blessed!

- Karl G
A work of fiction based on one important fact . . . a Catholic priest must overcome a threat! A threat from the past to be exposed for the alleged abuse of a minor, leading to blackmail and mistaken identity linking him to an armored car heist. This is a riveting fast moving story with an equally challenging sub-plot. You always know what’s happening – you just don’t see what’s coming! Great reviews!

- Georgia Shipp Williams
Yes, it’s another cookbook but one that’s inspirationally special..because it comes from the heart. This book gathers nearly 150 down home, tastefully delicious and mouth watering family recipes, from generations of Mama’s family. The Plum Glazed BBQ Country Ribs are the best ever, especially when followed by Pineapple Coconut Cake and a host of other recipes to make your day. If you enjoy cooking, and great tasting food, this is a cookbook for you. It is a wonderful gift of family recipes for the passionate cook in your family!

- John Edison
The author presents a case for believing in God and His Word – The Bible. In the process of learning about God and the Bible, the reader, whether an atheist or born-again Christian, will be confronted with many questions, mainly about why God did this or that, and why life and general belief are the way they are. This confirmation with God is not just a one-time experience – it is a daily experience. It does not take an exhaustive study of the whys about God to formulate a world view that can make the difference between a life of despair and a life filled with hope and joy.

- Belvedere of Zelixzone.com
Belvedere presents - A heartwarming story addressing bullying...
Join the puppies Gus, Tyler, Landon, Jake and Jack as they befriend James, a puppy who is unlike the others.This story introduces James and the trials he  faces because he is “different”. It then presents the steps the other puppies take to become part of the solution and a friend to James.A perfect story for young readers to understand how it feels to be different and to present them with strategies on becoming part of the solution in the campaign against bullying.
This book is produced by Zelix Zone for Kids, Inc., the non-profit entity of the children’s creative website, www.zelixzone.com <http://www.zelixzone.com> . Check out Belvedere’s Corner on the website where Belvedere addresses children’s tough issues with stories like “The James Gang.”
A portion of the sale of this book will be donated to an anti-bullying campaign in the effort to help others become part of the solution.

GUIDED MATH FOR TEACHERS, Practical Resources for REAL Classrooms
- Kathy Sprueill
Mentoring Math Mastery is a resource guide for math teachers, whether in the classroom or home schooling. Individualizing math instruction, as much as possible, is best for all students. This guide will help you make it work in the real world. This workbook contains many “products” to assist you in assimilating these new components of guided math, and honing your own skills as you progress. Guided Math for Teachers was created by a well known, award winning teacher . . . for teachers.

- L. H. Whelchel, Jr.
Two books in one! Africans were charter members of the church which gave birth to Christianity. For the first 300 years after the Pentecost, it was in Africa that Christianity primarily found its shape and early direction as the people of North Africa enthusiastically, in large numbers, embraced the new faith. Dr. Whelchel Jr., Professor and Minister, presents the case of Africa being the place where the Gospel first began to flourish. A true historian, he tells a compelling story of the Africans and the Gospel entering the New World, the Americas. This is an exciting historical read for any generation, of any ethnic background.

- Brian & Kutania Ingram
Bobby Isaiah, watched over by a special Angel of God, stands in the midst of a gang war with weapons firing, bullets whisking through the air, fellow gang members falling in the bloodshed within inches of him Yet he stands holding his chest. To his astonishment, death has eluded him. Bystanders look in awe as Bobby scampers from the scene, gaining the title “Urban God”. Kimberly Ingram, a God-fearing woman who gave birth to Bobby, has her own ghastly testimony of how her husband Tone, seems to love her but falls into infidelity. Her only sister, Sue Ingram, lost hope in God due to the death of their mother and father in a tragic plane crash. From the ghetto in the hills and back to the ghetto, Kim has nothing left but hope that all things will work out for her good because she loves God and is called according to His purpose. Come take this inner-city journey through pages that open society’s hearts to believe in an Urban God that shares power with no one.

An amazing cookbook by kids for kids featuring wonderful and fun recipes for your family to create and enjoy together!
A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this cookbook will be donated to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. 
All of the recipes are from children who have been touched by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in some way through illness, injury or medical condition. They have all come together to celebrate and give back to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta by sharing their favorite family recipes! Several recipes have even been passed down from generations and all are compiled here to create "Cooking for a Cure!"

Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery.

- Willie O’Neal
This story takes place throughout various hoods of Dade County, from Overtown, Liberty City, Opa Locka, Carol City, and many others. Miami, also known as the bottom, is plagued with a variety of illegal commodities, criminal characters and murder. The title of this book is also an abbreviation of a phrase commonly used in Dade Counties 305. “MONEY IS A MAJOR ISSUE!” It begins in the year 1976, before the microwaves, C.D.’S, or the D.V.D.’s ever existed; back when green, black and red were colors of Black pride. Read and observe how Noddo, Lil James and Marlow, made moves to climb out of the ghetto and survive. The bottom is its label, cocaine is its lucrative commodity, and murder is merely a demonstration on a daily basis. The rules are unique, plus there’s a shortage of yellow tape and white sheets, M.I.A., M.I. yao, where savages quick to hit you with that issue, in Dade County, where "MONEY IS A MAJOR ISSUE!"

- Abdurahman Sharif Mahamud
The True story of a great man living for his country, his faith and his family as told by his son, Abdurahman Sharif Mahamud. This is a story of how one man worked his entire life to help his country during the good times and the harsh times. A staunch believer in education and equali-ty, Sheik Al-Sharif Mahamud built schools with his own money, helped the govern-ment negotiate for peace and helped bring the population together. Long remembered for his strength and resolve, this is a must read book about what really happened in Somalia!

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